As new technologies enter the construction market, home owners are asking for more: they want their homes to be energy efficient, if not energy independent.

Solar panels tick that box, yet one of the principal hurdles for people going solar is the perceived cost of installation with one in four people stating this as the reason for avoiding the technology.

This is despite the long-term financial and environmental benefits that solar brings and the fact that it’s becoming increasingly cost effective,” says Bryan Hegarty, National Manager, Building Industry at Origin

“Installing solar panels brings a range of advantages, most significantly the control that it provides people over their energy usage and their bills.”

Recent research conducted by Origin and shows the value that solar can add to properties for both landlords and home owners with 85 per cent of Australians agreeing that properties with solar panels installed are more valuable, and most (78 per cent) believing it would add up to $10,000 to the price.

Costs of systems are cheaper now and there are affordable ways to go solar now – whether it’s purchasing a system outright, purchasing on a flexible repayment plan or new zero upfront agreements.

Origin has a range of affordable solar products to help meet home owners energy needs, including the new “Solar as a Service” which allows people to go solar without owning the panels

Origin’s Solar as a Service is a new way for homes to go solar where they don’t have to purchase the system and pay installation and maintenance costs. Customers instead pay for an agreed rate for the solar energy generated by the system.

Mr Hegarty suggests builders firstly do some homework to ensure that they are purchasing quality panels developed by a manufacturer with reputation for quality and reliability

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