Builders warranty specialists – has your Perth builder gone bust or bankrupt?

Indemnity Insurance will be changing!

As of October this year QBE insurance will be the only providers of Home Indemnity Insurance here in Western Australia.
Mills Homes have completed hundreds of indemnity claims through QBE and have taken over building contracts for many reasons, including if your builder is claiming bankruptcy, liquidation or if you are just unhappy with your current builder

Currently there have been two providers who distribute Home Indemnity Insurance, QBE Insurance and Residential Builders Underwriting Agency (RBUA).
RBUA has advised HIA that as of the 31st October 2017 it will cease to distribute Home Building Indemnity Insurance in West Australia. Effectively this means that QBE Insurance will be the only provider of Home Indemnity Insurance BII in West Australia from the 31st of October 2017
*Published by HIAL 2nd August 2017

Did you know that your Home Indemnity policy lasts for 6 years?
Has your builder become insolvent within the last 6 years?
If there are problems with your home that you would like to get fixed?
Have you thought that because your builder is no longer in operation that you are left with repairs?

If you have answered yes to these questions, or have recently lodged a claim due to problems with your current builder, call one of our team at Mills Homes today and we can help!

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