Ever questioned why the cost of your home has increased dramatically from your initial “ESTIMATE” to when you get to contract signing?

4 Important things to consider before choosing your builder;


1. The word Estimate means exactly that it’s a guesstimate more than likely your building contract will increase, what you need is a “Fixed Price Quote” prior to paying any money.

2. Provisional Sums: basically mean the price is not locked in it can go up or down however within the “Act” this should never go over the sum allowed.

3. No allowance – basically means the owner will be up for a charge (if applicable).

4. Selections – make sure you know what you have selected in each room of the house particularly wet areas.
Wants to speak to a builder where the estimate is the “Quote” therefore only genuine price increase like a change of product where there are no “Provisional Sums” or “No Allowances” in the quote and you know exactly what’s “Your Selection” are in your home.

We are just as competitive as the project builders but with old fashion values!

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