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We Build Homes You’ll Love

We specialise in building custom homes and fully accessible housing in Perth, Western Australia. When you’re planning to build a new home, you want it to fit your lifestyles needs, now and into the future. Each of our new homes are thoughtfully designed and customised to suit your needs. Expertly designed so you can enjoy your home, your space, and most importantly, feel safe and comfortable. When you choose Mills Homes to build your new home, you’re saying yes to much more than careful planning, mobility-friendly design and comfortable living for years to come.

Accessible Homes

Choose a beautiful custom home with all the benefits of accessible living.

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Custom Homes

Build a home that’s tailored to you with our custom home designs.

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SDA Homes

Find comfort, security and safety with our SDA designed homes.

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Property Development

We build property development homes for many developers in Perth.

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The Noosa

The Noosa

The Coachella

The Coachella

Mosman Park

Mosman Park

Rancho Mirage (SDA/Accessible)

Rancho Mirage (SDA/Accessible)



⦁ Home Builders ⦁ Experienced Designers ⦁ SDA Registered Provider ⦁ Caring and professional team

⦁ Home Builders ⦁

⦁ Experienced Designers ⦁

⦁ SDA Registered Provider ⦁

⦁ Caring and professional team ⦁

Why Choose Mills Homes?

If you value customised design, thoughtful planning and a caring team to build your dream home, then Mills Homes are a perfect fit for you.


Reliable + Experienced

Strong reputation with 25 years in the building industry 

Specialised + Qualified

Our team deliver a tailored, friendly and flexible approach. 

Caring + Professional

helping you live with freedom and comfort in your own home

Our dream has come true

Hooray its complete! Our dream has come true. I still remember the day we walked into the Churchland home and met the beautiful Lianne and I knew I wanted you guys to build it.

Thank you both your putting up with me and your patience waiting for us. I believe the building was seamless, people I know have had a lot of issues with their builder so we were very very lucky and blessed.”

A & R DaLuz

Mills Homes

Mills Homes is a family run business, founded by Director Gary Mills who brings over 25 years of building industry experience to his role. The MH team is made up of dedicated professionals, many of whom have been with the company from the beginning.
Our expertise extends from NDIS home modifications to home warranty, indemnity, structural repairs and remedial work.

SDA Building

As a Registered SDA provider we help individuals, families and organisations create housing solutions that support NDIS participants with complex care needs. Whether you’re looking to build a home for yourself, your family or as an investment property, Mills Homes are the specialist you need.

Perth’s Custom Home Builders

When you choose to build your own home you’re saying yes to a wonderful adventure, filled with excitement, anticipation and joy. We help make your home build experience a happy and memorable one, with our team of caring and supportive staff. You are bringing to life a dream for your future, and we are honoured to help you achieve this, with the right skills, knowledge and experience. Here at Mills Homes we love to share the journey with you and delight you with a home that feels exactly as you hoped it would.