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What happens when a stormwater system is incorrectly installed?

July 24, 2019
By admin
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❌Storm water system incorrectly installed in a clay site!
❌Inter-tank connection points to high
❌Base of tanks not installed
❌Tanks have drainage perforations
❌Flooding driveways

Our specialised team were called in to
👍Excavate the site
👍Install new drain lines 
👍Core drill low connection points to each stormwater tank
👍Install a new stormwater tanks
👍Install driveway grates
👍Install insitu concrete bases to all storm water tanks

When a storm water system is incorrectly installed it is a big deal! The owners of these 8 units were left with their homes literally underwater. There was major internal cracking to the homes because of movement.

As Perth’s repair specialist and a panel builder for leading insurance companies we are on hand to assess any defective works to your home.

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